Introducing Chris Arps

You’re going to see some new names appearing on the front page regularly. While the core group of writers will remain constant, we will be featuring columnists who will be writing one or two op-eds a week.


This week we’ve added Chris Arps.

Christopher is a managing partner with the public affairs and communications consulting firm Red Tail Strategies, LLC. He is a national advisory board member for the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Project 21. He’s the co founder of President of Americans for Citizen Voting (ACV), a 501c4 dedicated to the belief that only citizens should vote in our local, state and national elections. He’s also a host, guest host and contributor on his local conservative radio station (KFTK 97.1) in St. Louis, Mo.

You will see Chris primarily on Tuesday and Friday mornings though he may turn up at other times, too.


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