CNN Ignores the Senate Horowitz Hearing Because They Know It Makes Them Look Like Cretins

After giving gavel-to-gavel coverage of the farcical hearings conducted by Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, CNN basically has a media blackout on the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing featuring Department of Justice IG Michael Horowitz. While all Schiff and Nadler had to offer was fanciful and speculative bullsh** with no anchoring in facts, Horowitz is painting a very grim picture of how the FBI cooked the FISA books to get warrants on Carter Page and on their improper surveillance of the Trump campaign.


Actually, to say that CNN took sides on the whole Russia Hoax is not “criticism,” it is a statement of fact. We know, for instance, that James Comey deliberately briefed President Trump on the “golden shower” episode on January 7, 2017. The purpose was to allow CNN to run a January 10 story that Trump had been briefed on the dossier findings as a way of getting the dossier into play without endorsing it. It was CNN’s Jake Tapper who had a cow over BuzzFeed publishing the whole document and letting all of us judge its veracity because CNN wanted to keep it hidden from public scrutiny to maximize their ability to dribble out stories that could not be shot down. Any conspiracy theory Comey’s fluffers in the FBI wanted distributed found a welcome home at CNN. The ex-FBI people they hired were never, ever, encumbered by truth or reason in their reporting on the Russia Hoax.


It was their deranged stable of contributors who pimped this silly story hour after hour for three years.

There was literally no lie the CNN crew would not tell and amplify if they thought it moved the ball forward on the Russia Hoax. So, of course, CNN is not going to cover a hearing that labels them as #FakeNews



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