Trump Campaign and the GOP Refuse Media Credentials to Bloomberg News

Seton Motley | Red State |

Last week, when Michael Bloomberg entered the race for the Democrat nomination, several senior editors left Bloomberg News to work on his campaign. The entire Bloomberg conglomerate then issued a rather astonishing statement. Because Michael Bloomberg remained at the head of the company and because company policy forbade investigating Bloomberg’s business dealings, Bloomberg, the news organization, was going to promise not to investigate his Democrat rivals either. They were, however, going to continue to investigate President Trump.


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Now the Trump campaign has responded.

The GOP followed the Trump campaign’s lead immediately:

This was the right call to make. Bloomberg is either a legitimate news gathering organization or its an adjunct to the Bloomberg campaign and the Democrat party. The whole “government of the day” schtick is just self-serving pretentious crap that tries to sanitize the untenable ethical position (okay, I laughed at writing “ethical” in relation to a media outlet). An ethical position that is so transparently corrupt that even MSNBC noticed (though Tater Stelter hasn’t):


If Bloomberg does win the nomination, the same dodge can be used to not investigate him then. Ditto for any other Democrat who happens to win. There is no way the Trump campaign should go along with this nonsense and it is good to see that they aren’t.






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