Hong Kong Protesters Use Image Trump Is Falsely Accused of Doctoring to Show Appreciation for Trump and America

Crop of this White House meme

Crop of this White House meme

On Wednesday, President Trump signed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. This is a bill that was initiated by Senator Marco Rubio and is designed to make Communist China think long and hard before it finally decides it has to crust dissidents in Hong Kong. The ChiCom’s aren’t happy about this, screw ’em.


Quite unrelatedly, also on Wednesday, President Trump caused the leftwing media to set its own hair on fire and then try to urinate on it to put it out by sending out this tweet in honor of the opening, in 1985, of Rocky IV:

As late as today, Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher was still trying to extinguish the ashes on his scalp by claiming that this was a “doctored” photo:

But things on the internet are not quite as unconnected as we’d like to believe. Thursday night, Hong Kong time, protesters marched holding the image of President Trump as Rocky Balboa. If you don’t believe the image in the tweet below, this is the original Getty image.



It is utterly insane that American media has spent two days lying to itself about the meaning of the word “doctored” is in order to…quite frankly, I have no idea what they were trying to do because apparently the leftwing media and garden variety Trump haters were the only people who were analyzing it…while pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong drew an immediate linkage between Rocky Balboa kicking some commie butt in Rocky IV and President Trump kicking some commie butt on Wednesday.



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