White House Tweets a Meme of President Trump as Rocky and Our Media Loses Its Marbles

Crop of this White House meme

Crop of this White House meme

A little earlier today, President Trump tweeted out a meme because this is a day ending in ‘y’ and this is that particular day of the week.


It’s a pretty obvious homage to November 27, the day Rocky IV opened at the box office which had been on twitter in several places.

What is for certain is that the press lost its sh**.

Doctored? Doctored? Are they saying someone was supposed to be fooled by this?

I think these guys rather proved what Trump was trying to prove.


And the further you move to the left the more of their sh** they lose until finally you’re just left with empty sh**bags.

The whole episode drew the response it deserved:


The last one had the side benefit of showing just how culturally illiterate and inept most the the Left/NeverTrump are:

This clown is unacquainted with the concept of memes and is totally unfamiliar with the media catchphrase “without evidence.” What a goober.

All in all this is a remarkable commentary on the state of political media in America. It is no secret that President Trump’s social media staff like memes, and for good reason–they are effective. On the anniversary of the release of a classic (or so I’m told) Rocky film, President Trump uses the Rocky imagery on twitter. And our media are either puzzled by what a meme is or they essentially fact check the meme. And these people are supposed to interpret politics for us?




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