Fox News Reporter Jennifer Griffin's Fake Quote of Ken Starr Causes a Premature Celebration on the Left

Seton Motley | Red State |

A short while ago, Adam Schiff and his posse took a break from the impeachment charade.


That’s right, they adjourned the hearing to hold a news conference. I admit that it has a lot more panache than his previous method of slipping out of closed-door hearings and phoning CNN’s Manu Raju and giving him running commentary.

This is what he had to say.

The “bribery” is the allegation that Trump’s meeting with Zelensky was contingent upon Ukraine announcing investigations of Burisma and corruption. That is simply wrong and the Supreme Court has said so.


Ken Starr, who is providing analysis of the proceedings on FoxNews, weighed in. This is how the media reported it. In this case, it was Fox’s own Jennifer Griffin:

That took off and soon various progressive mouthbreathers were commenting on the subject:

This is what Starr actually said.

Eventually, she deleted the tweet and tweeted out a clarification.

But the damage was done. At this writing the correction has been retweeted less than 300 times


This is the modern media in a microcosm. There is no premium placed upon being correct. The currency of the realm is quick and outrageous. In fact, Griffin’s tweet leaves one wondering just how such an error was even made, what the editorial controls are on reporters tweeting news as part of their work, and the extent to which anyone even cares so long as the tweet can achieve “viral” or “trending” status.


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