Democrats Try out yet Another Cause for Impeachment in Their Stalinist Show Trial as the Latest One Flounders

PUBLIC DOMAIN. Credit Karl Kautsky -

PUBLIC DOMAIN. Credit Karl Kautsky – The Twelve who are to die : the trial of the socialists-revolutionists in Moscow


A little earlier in the week, my colleague, Brad Slager, posted on how the Democrat reasons for impeachment have mutated. (READ: Democrats Change Their Impeachment Accusation and Manage to Contradict Themselves in the Process – this is VIP content.) In it he shows how the change from every Democrat and media figure woofing “quid pro quo” to suddenly talking about “bribery” was driven by focus group testing that showed that voters went to sleep somewhere between pro and quo and so something more earthy and accessible to the unwashed masses had to be developed.


This is the classic case of Soviet-style accusations: ‘’You find me the man and then I’ll find for you the crime.’’ It becomes a classic case of Democrat projection. The party that loves to accuse others of fascism seems very comfortable with brown-shirt tactics when it comes to politics.

It seems that “bribery” isn’t serving its purposes all that well either, because today we’ve seen mere bribery superseded by Reason #3: soliciting a bribe.


It has become increasingly obvious that what is driving the impeachment of President Trump is nothing more than the Democrats wanting to impeach him. You’ll notice that, for all the self-pleasuring that went on on the left and among Bulwarkians and NeverTrump after the Mueller report was released, there is never a whisper of “collusion” or “obstruction” now because it became obvious to even the dimmest bulb that those charges were utterly ridiculous…well, maybe not the dimmest bulbs because some members of the Russia-is-not-our-friend-[plus one thousand exclamation marks] are holding as fast to collusion and obstruction at they do to their own dear principles.

This week, the picked testimony of friendly witnesses couldn’t establish any actual demand for action on the part of Ukraine as a condition for military aid. The best they could do was establish that a coterie of bureaucrats who loathed Trump assumed that such a demand existed despite no evidence that it did and a great deal to the contrary. It became obvious that virtually no one thinks President Trump following the law and linking aid to anti-corruption investigations, such as those that were stymied by the Obama administration when QuidProJoe was “Ukraine point person,” is a bad thing even if the drug-addled git of a prominent Democrat is involved.


The shifting reasons for the impeachment document just what Brad said. They have a man, President Trump, they wish to drive from office. They are now searching for a criminal allegation that is not laugh-provoking to make that happen. So far, they’ve failed. There is no indication that their luck is going to improve.


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