Introducing RedState VIP

These are difficult days for political media on the Left and the Right.

The Cancel Culture has many major advertisers afraid to place their ads on political websites because of the online mobs who try to bully and intimidate their political foes into silence. All websites are dependent, to an unhealthy degree, upon Facebook, and that means that every post you make is inevitably reviewed by highly partisan “fact-checkers.” A negative rating will result in your traffic being throttled. Periodically, a progressive site will be hit, but on the conservative side, it is a daily battle in which you run financial risks if the story you tell is not the one the Twitter (or Facebook) mob wants to hear.


The only way for us to break free of the constraints of the Left’s grip on Big Tech and their obeisance to the left-wing orthodoxy is to develop ways of ensuring we have an independent voice and aren’t forced to pull our punches in order to gain the imprimatur of people who will never like us.

For fifteen years, RedState has been a home for conservative activists. We are the site that put Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz in the Senate. We’ve led primary challenges that, even when unsuccessful, put a scare into people who were elected as conservatives but served as compromisers. Through all of that, we’ve always been a community. Now we’re asking you to make your membership in that community official and give RedState the ability to grow without fear of being shut down or hemmed in by tech companies who are hostile to our shared philosophy and vision for America.

Today, RedState is introducing its VIP program. There are three levels of membership.

“RedState Ad-Free” gives you an ad-free experience. Not only will there not be intrusive ads clogging up your browser, but you’ll also immediately notice an increase in the loading speed for the pages.

“RedState VIP” takes away the ads and gives you access to some exclusive content not available to other readers. There will be exclusive reports and analytical pieces. Plus, we’ll be unveiling our Fact Check the Left feature where RedState’s experts breakdown and fact check progressive narratives.


Finally, there is “VIP Gold.” This membership level gives you full access to exclusive content on the entire Townhall Media network—Townhall, Twitchy, Bearing Arms, HotAir, and PJ Media—and will provide the opportunity to interact with your favorite Townhall authors and editors.

Instead of complaining about the situation, please join us in breaking free of reliance upon companies operated by the opponents of conservatism, visit the VIP page, and show your support.


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