In a Tragic Moment, Joe Biden Forgets Hunter Biden Is His Son

Seton Motley | Red State |
The China Syndrome

Joe Biden was on the hustings in Maquoketa, Iowa, yesterday. It was a somnolent affair as befits a candidate who is, at best, sleepwalking his way into obscurity. While giving his stump speech, he took some mild shots at Elizabeth Warren (“It takes a lot more than plans. We’re electing more than a planner” and that it’s important to elect “someone to get the legislation passed.” No reason is given why Joe Biden fits that bill) and paid homage to Endless War. Along the way, he segued into education policy.


…into because that’s the only four-year program where you go into and you come out being paid less than any other four-year bachelor’s degree except being a social worker which my daughter is. I tell you what I wish I had raised one Republican, we’d make some real money but anyway…

For most of us, making $83,000 per month in cash as the member of a board of directors for a company in an industry in which you have zero experience and for which you can’t even speak the language would sound like a pretty good deal. Getting a seat on the board of directors of Amtrak based on your experience riding a train (I’ve been riding a train for 15 years, I feel like I’m overdue for a promotion) sounds pretty sweet. Getting Chinese investors to spot you well over a billion dollars to play with would, to most of us, being some serious cash.


It makes one wonder if QuidProJoe’s brain has seized and he’s forgotten about the feckless, grifting son he’s managed to make very wealthy via influence peddling.


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