Why Is Some Conservative Media Defending Elizabeth Warren's Pregnancy Lie

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Elizabeth Warren flat out lied.

For some years she has told the story of how she was fired as a special education teacher by an evil patriarchal principal because she was pregnant. Never mind that that isn’t how she described the event early in her political life, but now we have documents from the school board indicating that she was offered a contract extension and declined it.

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This is pretty banal, resume/life story fluffing. It happens all the time, like when Al Gore claimed to have invented the Internet and John Kerry went on his super secret boat ride up the Mekong. So why is it that the media, left and right, are jumping to her defense?

And this from, naturally, National Review:

To the best of my knowledge, absolutely no one denies that pregnancy discrimination happens and, under some circumstances, can be illegal. If someone is arguing that, please point them out. But just because “some people did something,” as they say, doesn’t mean it has happened to every woman who was pregnant. It certainly doesn’t mean that it is off limits to call Warren out on her lies when her own words and the documentary evidence says that is the case.

While I understand Harwood and Vox jumping up to save their precious, what I really fail to understand is the impulse among a certain class of alleged conservatives to throw their backs out of joint defending leftist politicians and leftist media.

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