Why Do These People Like To Lose?

Image by David Bailey from Pixabay

Image by David Bailey from Pixabay

I’m only grabbing this tweet because it is a great example of a train of though running through NeverTrump and PoliteConservative circles and not as a personal attack of any sort:


Indeed, why? Why, when you have your main opponent on the ropes why wouldn’t you let up? Isn’t the Christian thing to do pick him up, dust him off, hand him the used 2×4 and offer your own chin? If you think those are valid questions, then the problem, quite possibly, is that either you’re too nice to be involved in politics or you are simply a professional loser. NTTAWWT. We’ve had lots of professional losers run for office as Republicans. John McCain and Mitt Romney come to mind. These were all guys who’d mastered the art of losing to the Democrat in such a way that you’d still get invited on the Sunday shows as an honored guest and the New York Times would hold you up as an exemplar of loserliness.

There are actually a lot of reasons to continue hitting Joe Biden over his corruption.

  1. Donors will run from him, preventing him from having the resources to bull his way through the upcoming primaries.
  2. He will stay in the race longer than he would have ordinarily because he will refuse to bow out if it looks like Trump “beat him like a drum.”
  3. The attacks keep Trump’s base motivated…we aren’t PoliteConservatives and are not appalled by the sight of blood on the floor.
  4. The failure of Biden’s fellow Democrats to come to Biden’s aid will ensure divisions and hard feelings within the Democrat party during the election.
  5. If by some miracle, Biden limps through the primary and becomes the candidate you have immunized him from this line of attack in the general election because it will be greeted as old news.
  6. The people who claim to be on the right and who are offended by this will ultimately refuse to support Trump if they don’t actually endorse the Democrat so there is no downside.

This is like a fight. You don’t stop fighting until the other guy can’t move or runs away. If you stop before that to inquire about the other guy’s health and well being, odds are you are going to get your butt kicked.

The only real reason for encouraging Trump to let up on the Biden clan is because you really aren’t serious about winning and perhaps because you don’t want anyone else to be serious about winning either.


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