President Trump Has Every Right and Authority to Ask or Demand Other Nations Help in Our Investigations

President Donald Trump arrives with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Attorney General William Barr to speak about the census in the Rose Garden at the White House in Washington, Thursday, July 11, 2019. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

President Donald Trump arrives with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Attorney General William Barr to speak about the census in the Rose Garden at the White House in Washington, Thursday, July 11, 2019. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Last week as leaker in the CIA assisted in a calculated hit on President Trump. Much like James Comey contrived a fact set that led to the appointment of a special counsel, this guy obviously coordinated with Adam Schiff (and I think with Michael Atkinson, the IC IG) to create a fact set would lead to the launch of an impeachment process against President Trump.

The Ukraine call was pretty mundane. President Trump asked the Ukraine president to assist Attorney Bill Barr’s investigation into the possible existence of a copy of the DNC server logs and files that allegedly Crowdstrike examined (I’ve been astonished at the number of people, ostensibly on the right, who will argue that Crowdstrike did not have unique access to the DNC server logs and files when, in fact, we know no US agency was allowed to see them) in Ukraine. He also asked Ukraine to continue the investigation into corruption that Joe Biden shut down in order to save his son’s coke-addled butt.

The fact that Joe Biden is running for the Democrat nomination is irrelevant. No one, under our system of laws, gets a pass because of family connections. Various media organizations claim the charges have been “debunked” but “debunked” is just media code meaning a) we don’t like this and b)lalalalala! I can’t hear you. The fact is the charges of influence peddling have been around for quite a while and have never been investigated by law enforcement. As we were told over the past three years, if the Biden’s are innocent they should welcome the investigation in order to clear their name (hahaha…no one ever believed that lie and we’re seeing that clearly right now). At least President Trump didn’t use an asset of British intelligence to dummy up a “dossier” or bullsh** allegations that, where there is any specificity at all, has been disproven by law enforcement. And, as we discovered in 2016, that is a perfectly legitimate tactic.

If you think the Crowdstrike story is a conspiracy theory, I’d just note that 1) you don’t know as much about this as the Attorney General does and he’s taking it seriously and 2) if you’re right, you should be happy because this is just a waste of time. But people are upset about this for some reason. Funny, that.

Yesterday, we heard first that President Trump has approached the Australian government for assistance in the investigation. Australia is a key component as an Australian diplomat with intelligence community connections, Alexander Downer, is one of the key figures in the whole Russia Hoax. Australia has agreed to cooperate.

Last night, Sarah Lee reported that Attorney General Bill Barr had been on the ground in Italy (this is where Joseph Mifsud, the guy who played George Papadopoulos is holed up and the country for whom’s intelligence service most people think Mifsud works). He’s also been in Britain.

This is how the loony left is framing it.

These are the facts.

Getting to the bottom of the genesis of the Russia Hoax is a top priority for Trump. It seems obvious that the FBI, parts of CIA, State, and Justice were working hand-in-glove with the Clinton campaign to destroy Trump’s candidacy and then his presidency. The underlying supports of the hoax seem to rest equally on intelligence operations run by Britain, Italy, an Australia against Trump campaign staff. Those operations seem to be designed to create the appearance of collusion with Russia. The major pillar was the Steel Dossier. This was created by an asset of British intelligence and, quite possibly, was the product of a Russian information operation. Read:
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If the Clinton campaign used the federal government to run an operation against the Trump campaign, we need to know about that because people need to go to jail. If a document authored by the FSB/SVR was used to kick off the investigation of a president, we need to know and harsh action needs to be taken against anyone who touched it.

This is not to say this will not have a huge political impact on the 2020 election. Suddenly, everyone who pushed this disgraceful hoax will have to answer for their own involvement. It is hard to see how CNN could even survive such a revelation. That political impact doesn’t make it wrong or illegal. The political impact was created when the Democrats decided to construct the hoax.

So President Trump has every right to send out investigators to find out what happened. Bill Barr’s presence is critical because that impresses upon the locals the fact that POTUS is dead serious and there is no higher priority in our bilateral relations than getting to the bottom of this criminality.

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