The Whistleblower Scandal Is More Likely to Take out Joe Biden Than It Is to Hurt Trump

As Bonchie posted yesterday, this whole Ukraine flap has all the makings of yet another media generated faux scandal that will end in nothing. (See As Predicted, that Trump-Ukraine “Whistle-Blower” Story Just Blew Up In Epic Fashion.) Now we’re learning that the alleged whistleblower really isn’t a whistleblower or entitled to any kind of protection because that person never heard the call nor read any transcripts, they had heard about it.


The way the story is developing, though, the worst you can say about Trump is that you don’t like what he did. Fine, I think we all have that feeling time and again. The stupidest thing you can say is this or something like it:

I think that we can all see from the way Goldberg and his fellow Vichyists pushed the Collusion Hoax that they have no issue whatsoever with a presidential campaign using the services of foreign intelligence services to attack a political opponent. In fact, these people were in the forefront of demanding Trump cooperate with the investigation because he should look forward to being exonerated. I can’t understand why they think Joe Biden isn’t chomping at the bit to have his name cleared or why they’re upset.

But some interesting things are happening that indicate that this story poses more of a danger to Joe Biden than to Donald Trump.

First, the story is not a hoax. Hunter Biden is a grift-o-matic and Joe Biden’s protection of his son has been an issue since early in the Obama administration. Here we have a reporter being stonewalled by a State Department spokeswoman (Jen Psaki, right?) over the rather grotesque appearance of a conflict of interest of Hunter Biden getting a lucrative job from Ukrainian oligarchs given the US involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war.


The reason he was asking about it is because it was a significant story despite what Biden tries to claim.

Unlike during the Obama administration when Hunter Biden’s propensity for shady deals would have attached to the Biden, personally, and through him to the Obama administration, now there are people inside the Democrat party who want to take Biden out. That’s why you have stories like this which are driving Biden fans crazy.

and this


The “more with sadness than anger” examinations of how Joe Biden got sucked into questionable acts in order to help his son. And it seems like some major media outlets and CNN might cover the story:

Making it sweeter is Joe Biden boasting about telling the Ukrainian government to shut down their investigation of his son or lose all funding.


Even the Usual Suspects on the left are pulling their chins and clucking that this is worthy:

Stoller is spot on. Trump’s actions are well within his authority as president and Trump’s disregard for protocol is largely baked into the equation. Biden was involved in a garden variety cover up of his son’s apparent corruption. More people understand that story than the attack on Trump. Mind you, I don’t believe for second, that this an diddly squat to do with them wanting to investigate Biden and everything to do with them realizing how weak a candidate Biden is and wanting him out of the race.


In this case, as hard as it is to believe, it is very easy to see Chris Hayes being completely right here

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