Supreme Court Slaps Down Rogue Ninth Circuit Judge and Gives President Trump a Huge Win On Amnesty

let it be known that they are well aware of the abuse of authority by federal judges who illegally make decisions for the entire nation based on the one case before them. The Supreme Court has let it be known that it’s majority, too, is becoming annoyed at federal judges acting as a combined legislative/executive branch and imposing their policy preferences on the country rather than ruling on matters of law.

The matter be close to coming to a head on the issue of the new amnesty rules promulgated by the Department of Justice. Basically, they say that if you come to the US seeking amnesty and you have transited any other nation or nations en route that you must have applied for amnesty in at least one of them and been turned down.

This should have been a fairly uncontroversial rule but because OrangeManBad groups with no apparent standing went to a federal judge, Jon Tigar, who is naturally situated in San Francisco. Tigar his so hostile to the administration that he gained the distinction of having President Trump label him an Obama judge. This caused the Lido deck cruise bunch to have a cow and provoked Chief Justice John Roberts to nonsensically proclaim that there were no Obama judges or Trump judges. Anyway Tigar ordered a nationwide injunction. The decision was appealed to the Ninth Circuit. Surprisingly, in a fit of sanity, the Ninth Circuit lifted the nationwide injunction, left it in place for the Ninth Circuit, and remanded the case for further fact finding. But, the Justice Department also took the nearly unprecedented step of asking the Supreme Court to take up the case immediately. Finding facts happened and in short order, two days ago, Tigar issued yet another nationwide injunction. Yesterday, the Ninth Circuit again limited the effect to that circuit. But today the Supreme Court had had enough Resistance bullsh**.

In what appears to be a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court removed the injunction and let the regulation go into effect nationwide. The order removes the injunction through trial and appeal to the Ninth Circuit. If the Ninth Circuit rules against the administration, the stay of any injunction remains in place until the Supreme Court either declines to hear the government’s appeal or when the Supreme Court makes a decision.

There is more than a little butt-hurt from the self-styled “wise Latina” but who really cares?

This is probably as much a shot across the bows of Resistance judges as anything else. It seems that the Supreme Court, for the most part, has heard Barr’s complaint and decided to do something about single federal judges setting national policy. If that is the case, then this has gone a long way towards establishing a bit of humility among our black-robed masters and restoring the rule of law.

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