Ilhan Omar Named as "the Other Woman" in What Promises to Be a Very Ugly and Entertaining Divorce

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., listens as Office of Management and Budget Acting Director Russell Vought testifies before the House Budget Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, March 12, 2019, during a hearing on the fiscal year 2020 budget. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)


Just a month ago, Minnesota Islamist and member of The Squad Ilhan Omar abruptly abandoned her current husband (that would be number two) and moved into a luxury penthouse in Minneapolis. In fairness to Omar, her husband, Ahmed Hirsi, was dumped by her back in 2008. She went on to marry her brother–hopefully this was just garden variety immigration fraud and not some obscure Somali custom–before dumping her brother and remarrying Hirsi. They have three children.

About the same time, a video became public showing Omar and an unnamed man in a secluded LA restaurant. Staff said the love birds hand been holding hands.This video dates from March.

Now the story gets better. Omar has officially been named as “the other woman” in what could end up being a pretty messy divorce.

A Washington, DC, mom says her political-consultant husband left her for Rep. Ilhan Omar, according to a bombshell divorce filing obtained by The Post.

Dr. Beth Jordan Mynett says her cheating spouse, Tim Mynett, told her in April that he was having an affair with the Somali-born US representative and that he even made a “shocking declaration of love” for the Minnesota congresswoman before he ditched his wife, alleges the filing, submitted in DC Superior Court on Tuesday.

The physician, 55, and her 38-year-old husband — who has worked for lefty Democrats such as Omar and her Minnesota predecessor, Keith Ellison — have a 13-year-old son together.

Beth Mynett is seeking primary physical custody of her and her husband’s son in part because of Tim Mynett’s “extensive travel” with Omar, the document says.

“Defendant’s more recent travel and long work hours now appear to be more related to his affair with Rep. Omar than with his actual work commitments,” the court papers state.


(Here’s the background on Mynett.)

And the coup de grace, divorced guys will know what this means:

The physician is also seeking full control of the couple’s DC home, child support and legal fees to be paid by Tim Mynett, according to the filing.

“I’m not getting married again, I’m just going to find some woman I hate and buy her a house.”

What impact does this have on Omar? I suspect very little. The people who admire her do so despite her Islamism and pro-terrorist sympathies, a little adultery isn’t going to make any difference to them. It is hard to see the party of Ted Kennedy having much to say about it either.


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