CNN's Chris Cillizza Calls Buying Alaska a Mistake Just to Disagree With President Trump

This is one of those stories that is axiomatic of media coverage of the Trump White House. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal posted an unsourced story claiming that President Trump wanted to buy Greenland. I say unsourced because “according to people familiar with the discussion” really isn’t a source. Were this CNN, one could safely bet that it was simply fabricated. From there we entered a day of speculation on the subject. Much of it relying upon pig ignorance and a dislike of President Trump.

One of the prime contenders was CNN’s Chris Cillizza. This is from a Vox quality explainer on territorial purchases. In fact, it might very well surpass any of the dumbf***ery that Vox has written over the years.

It didn’t work out well? The 50th state did not work out well?

Since then CNN has corrected the language to read

It was heavily criticized at the time — and has gone down as “Seward’s Folly” in the history books.

Even with the correction it gives an erroneous impression. “Seward’s Folly” has actually become to mean something small-minded people thought was a bad idea but were humiliated with the outcome in a fairly short period of time.

One struggles to see how a mistake like this was even possible. Alaska’s immense wealth in natural resources and strategic location make an immense contribution to the US and have since 1867. One struggles, that is, unless you consider the effects of a highly communicable condition, in this case TDS, which has infected all of CNN’s alleged “talent” and their production workers. President Trump supposedly said something (which is actually a very good idea if it could be pulled off) and the kneejerk reaction by Cillizza or Lemon or Cuomo or [your favorite CNN anchor] is to dismiss it as a bad idea and immediately cobble together some sort of bullsh** narrative to prove the point.

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