Andrew Cuomo's Gun Control Proposal Even Scares the Left

Andrew Cuomo by Zack Seward, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Everyone has to get in on the action. Or, in the immortal words of Rahm Emanuel, never let a good crisis go to waste. Last weekends we had two mass shootings. We’re still talking about the one in El Paso because the media can claim that this one was motivated by President Trump’s immigration enforcement rhetoric. The one in Dayton is slipping to dim memory status because the shooter apparently thought he was an Antifa enforcer or something and that clutters up the narrative. As with any of these tragic events, there is a demand to do something and do it right now. Never mind that the something makes no sense or might even be counterproductive. The important thing is to do something. The left, completely understandably, overreaches and always tries to use a tragedy to advance a policy agenda that has zero to do with the actual tragedy.

With that set up, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has clawed his way toward the limelight. I don’t know why we pay any attention to this guy. Cuomo seems to still see himself as a future resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue but the sad truth is that were he not ruling a Democrat ghetto, he’d not get renominated much less reelected as governor. But he’s part of a Democrat “dynasty” and so we soldier on.

Most of this is tried and true pap. Where Cuomo breaks new ground, at least as far as a I can tell, is in pushing to establish a national mental health database. Think of it. A database containing extremely sensitive and personal information that the federal government has no need to know in the hands of people that let the Chinese make off with the security background investigation data, fingerprints, and personnel records of nearly 22 million federal employees. What ever could go wrong?

Beyond the possibility of compromise and 100% certainty that some future equivalent of the Obama regime would leak it to trash opponents,this would discourage many, many people from seeking mental health treatment because they would be well aware of how that information could be misused by any government.

But even the left isn’t crazy about this database:

(he’s a pro-confiscation person so you understand his point of view)

I’m nearly tempted to send Cuomo a campaign contribution and bouquet (no homo) if I thought it would encourage him to keep generating these ideas. In fact, it would be great if President Trump would grab Cuomo’s plan and get the Democrats all on record voting on it.

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