Daily Beast Editor Loses His Crap After CNN Reports on the Far Left Ideology of the Dayton Mass Murderer

It was almost surreal. About the time the New York Times was folding like a cheap suit over liberal outrage at a, for once, accurate and non-polemical headline,

CNN was committing a singular single act of journalism. It noted that the Twitter feed of the Dayton shooter was about as far left as you could get without falling down.

It didn’t take long for the left to really lose its sh**. This is from an NBC reporter. A reporter, mind you, a staff member, not a contributor paid to spice up the dumb-as-dirt programming.

The most hilarious one came from some guy called Justin Miller who purports to be the “national editor” of The Daily Beast

This shows the utter corruptness and mindboggling stupidity of the left. The corruptness is that they know, full well, that there is pretty much nothing in the El Paso shooter’s manifesto that aligns him with either major party. His philosophy, to the extent that one existed, was nihilist and he engages in just as many left-wing tropes as right. The Dayton shooter had a much stronger attachment to the Democrat party. He was a registered Democrat. He was a fan of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. He called the guy who was killed attempting a terrorist attack on a Tacoma, WA, ICE facility a martyr. He was even in favor of gun control. The mindboggling stupidity is that they don’t think you notice the corruptness or how political motivations are strictly situational:

FACT CHECK: There is not now, nor has there ever been any evidence of a political motivation in the Gilroy shooting and no less an authority than the FBI has made that declaration.

The game here is pretty simple to understand. The Democrats, the left, and their fluffers in the media are trying to make the El Paso shooting out to be something that is unique to Donald Trump supporters and to the GOP. When a raging leftist atheist like the Dayton shooter happens, the narrative gets derailed because you can’t make one side out to be evil when your side is churning out its own share of shooters. So you lie. You claim that despite the nearly identical evidence that one guy was 100% representative of your opponents and the other guy has nothing at all to do with your side. And people begin laughing in your face.

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