Elizabeth Warren Targeted a Trump Backer for Investigation and Is Using It as a Campaign Issue

Elizabeth Warren by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Elizabeth Warren by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

One of the standard claims regularly made by the left is that Donald Trump has used federal law enforcement to go after his enemies. While there is no evidence whatsoever to indicate that any of Trump’s enemies have received any scrutiny from law enforcement, there is a great deal of evidence to indicate that President Trump and the people round him have been targeted for investigation because Democrats have demanded it. The latest point of reference is GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy.


Federal prosecutors have intensified their wide-ranging federal investigation into Elliott Broidy, a top fund-raiser for President Trump, signaling the Justice Department’s continued interest in questions about foreign influence on the administration.

In recent months, federal authorities have searched Mr. Broidy’s Southern California office and subpoenaed records related to him from a onetime business partner and from Mr. Trump’s inaugural committee. They have reportedly asked the authorities in Romania for assistance investigating associates with whom Mr. Broidy worked to win military intelligence contracts potentially worth as much as $64 million.

They have also charged four people who worked with Mr. Broidy on plans to influence the administration, including on behalf of interests in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. While the charges against three of his associates were unrelated to their work with Mr. Broidy, most have been asked about their relationships with him, according to several people familiar with the investigation.

Taken together, the steps suggest mounting pressure on Mr. Broidy. And they underscore the legal questions raised by his efforts to parlay his access into business advantage in the frenetic weeks after Mr. Trump’s election, and then to influence the new administration’s policies toward the Middle East, where he was pursuing contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Just some quick points here. First, this is not Broidy’s first rodeo in regards to similar accusations.

I’m totally agnostic on this because I’m not a lawyer and I only know what I’ve read in the New York Times which means that I don’d know very much. But the facts in this case have little bearing on the issue.


So how did this come about?

Shortly after the inauguration, Elizabeth Warren and Richard “Rambo” Blumenthal asked the Justice Department then under the management of Dan Boente to investigate their claim that Broidy “used access to President Trump as a valuable enticement to foreign officials who may be in a position to advance Mr. Broidy’s business interests abroad.”

It would seem that where Justice hasn’t had the time to look at any of the criminal referrals issued by House Intelligence, Judiciary, or Oversight Committees when it was controlled by the GOP, it sort of tripped over its own feet doing the bidding of Warren and Blumenthal.

With Justice supinely acting as a Democrat party enforcer, Warren is now making a campaign issue of an investigation that she demanded of a political opponent who has yet to be charged with a crime, much less convicted.

The fight Warren is carrying on is less about corruption than it is about score settling and damaging the Trump administration and if an innocent man suffers loss of time, money, property, reputation, or even freedom in the service of that goal, well, too bad. Regardless of the merits of the case, campaigning on using your personal clout to strong arm the Justice Department into investigating someone who is a political opponent is something that just isn’t done in American politics. Trump supporters might chant “lock her up” at Hillary Clinton, but Hillary’s ample ass remains free and staggering about the countryside and there is zero chance that she’s indicted because that is not how our government is supposed to operate.


Attorney General Bill Barr needs to take a serious look at this nonsense and determine whether anyone besides a highly visible Trump fundraiser would be targeted for prosecution based on these facts. And why Department of Justice is taking cues from a couple of batsh** crazy Democrats and ignoring House GOP members. I think we all know the answer to that.


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