EPIC TROLL. Trump Campaign Demands Federal Court Impose Sanctions on Democrat Attorneys For Frivolous Lawsuit

In April 2018, the DNC filed a lawsuit against the Russian Federation; the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (“GRU”); GRU operative using the pseudonym “Guccifer 2.0”; Aras Iskenerovich Agalarov, Emin Araz Agalarov, Joseph Mifsud, Wikileaks; Julian Assange; Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.; Donald J. Trump, Jr.; Paul J. Manafort, Jr.; Roger J. Stone, Jr.; Jared C. Kushner; George Papadopoulos; Richard W. Gates, III; and 10 enumerated John Does. The gist of the lawsuit is that the Trump campaign engaged in racketeering with the Russian government and Wikileaks to hack the DNC’s computers and distribute the emails.


This was never a terribly serious legal action because it is based on a premise that simply can’t be proven, that is, that the DNC computers were hacked by agents of the Russian government, or really that they were hacked at all. Essentially this was trolling by lawsuit combined with a PR effort by the Democrats to make their batsh** crazy base and the equally batsh** crazy Never Trump types think they were doing something besides sending fundraising emails.

Now the Trump campaign has filed a motion to impose sanctions on the DNC attorneys under Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Rule 11 prohibits “pleadings for an improper purpose or that contain frivolous arguments or arguments that have no evidentiary support.” And it uses the Mueller report as its evidence:

It is sort of difficult to see how the DNC avoids having to withdraw basically all of their allegations against the Trump campaign even if they avoid having to pay attorneys fees. And one can bet that other defendants will soon follow suit, so to speak. What would be hilarious is if Wikileaks also demanded sanctions as the Mueller report showed there was not conspiracy between them and the Trump campaign.


You live by the troll, you die by the troll.


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