The Mueller Investigation Should Be Seen as a Political Hit Job and Treated as Such

In a photo taken Wednesday, June 21, 2017, Special Counsel Robert Mueller departs after a closed-door meeting with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee about Russian meddling in the election and possible connection to the Trump campaign, at the Capitol in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


With Robert Mueller’s craven statement yesterday, any requirement to treat his investigation as anything other than a way to craft a “roadmap” for an impeachment of President Trump was swept away.


While we hope the genesis and nurturing of this fraud will eventually be exposed, the bad faith apparent is abundantly clear.

By the time Robert Mueller had accepted his appointment as special counsel, the FBI had already been investigating the allegations since at least July 2016 and had been dangling agents provocateur in front of Trump campaign operatives since March 2016. Carter Page had been under a FISA warrant since October 2016. As the Mueller report shows, Carter Page was clean. One has to assume, unless one is dealing with a virtuoso stupidity on the part of the FBI, that everyone knew that Papadopoulos was clean (it seems that his information that MI6 asset Alexander Downer passed on to the FBI originated with Joseph Mifsud, another asset of a yet unidentified Western intelligence agency) and that Michael Cohen had never been to Prague. At some point, the FBI had to realize that one of the “Russian” contacts in the Steele dossier was actually a long time FBI informant. The FBI had to know the story (which we still don’t) of how the Russian lawyer at the Trump Tower meeting got into the US with an official waiver even though she had been barred from entering the country. We know the Brits had told the FBI that the dossier was not reliable.

The point being that all the things concerning Russia that Mueller was chartered to investigate had already been investigated. The source of the allegations was known. And if even New York Times reporters were publicly speculating about the dossier being a Russian disinformation product, then someone in the FBI’s counterintelligence office surely had the same qualms.


This leads to the question of why a special counsel was appointed at all. The answer is that the FBI had opened an “obstruction” investigation on Trump after Comey was fired and before Mueller was appointed. This despite no clearance from Justice to do so and no authority to bring such a charge before a grand jury.

Mueller dragged out an investigation he knew was a non-starter to try do dirty Trump up by indicting some of the fat and slow-moving targets around him (Manafort) and some people who should never have been indicted at all (Flynn and Papadopoulos). When forced to deliver a report by Barr, he devoted over half of the report to a subject that should never have been investigated as Mueller has since admitted he knew he could not charge Trump with anything.

While Mueller could not have anticipated the Democrats gaining control of the House, his investigation seems to have been structured to obtain that end. At a minimum, Trump and the nation were robbed of two years and the divisions that the Russians helped exacerbate have been baked into our politics thanks to Mueller and his henchmen.

The report and Mueller’s statement yesterday were calculated to give the worst possible impression. In fact, yesterday, Mueller turned American jurisprudence on its head. A prosecutor is not appointed to “exonerate” anyone. The question is whether probable cause exists to think a crime was committed. In this case that threshold doesn’t seem to have been met but Mueller has insisted on framing that fact in a way that implies a crime was committed but not charged.


By Mueller acknowledging that he was bound by DOJ guidance that said he couldn’t indict Trump and yet pursuing an investigation, he was clearly campaigning for the Democrats to impeach him. This focus resulted in a report that violated one of the supposedly iron-bound rules where prosecutors are forbidden from trash talking people they didn’t indict.

It is readily apparent that Mueller’s investigation was simply a political hit in which Rod Rosenstein was either a witting participant or a pathetic dupe. By refusing to make a clear and unequivocal statement about the contacts between the Trump campaign and rando Russians, Mueller has allowed the collusion hoax to continue to wander across the political landscape. The “obstruction” part of the report seems dedicated to providing Fat Jerry Nadler and his fellow mouthbreathers grounds for impeachment.

All in all a shameful spectacle that should never be allowed to be repeated.

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