Bill Barr and the Justice Department Don't Seem All That Concerned About Nancy Pelosi's Temper Tantrum

William Barr - Caricature by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

William Barr – Caricature by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original


With the release of the Mueller report we have officially issued in a new era of jurisprudence in which anything a Democrat doesn’t like become, ipso facto, a crime. Take, for instance, the firing of crapweasel James Comey. The FBI director is an appointee of the President and serves “at the pleasure” of the President. When the President stops being pleased, he can tell the FBI director to pack his crap and get out of the area. This can be done for cause or it can be done because the Presidential eggs weren’t cooked properly. In the case of Comey, however, firing him has become an alleged instance of Trump obstructing justice…never mind the new FBI director, the special counsel, the 670 day hoax investigation, the 400+ page report. In fact, Volume Two of the Mueller report is chock full of banal and mundane things that Mueller, his henchmen, and the Democrats want to criminalize just because they don’t like them.


Now we have another entrant.

The night before Attorney General Bill Barr testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Mueller, or more like Andrew Weissmann, released a letter written by Mueller to Barr saying that the four page summary released by Barr was giving a misperception about Trump being innocent (he didn’t say that, but that’s what he meant because Barr focused on the bottom line findings and not on all the bullsh** Mueller had crammed together with a few conjunctions, linking verbs, and adverbs. Barr called Mueller, and on a speakerphone with several witnesses asked Mueller if he objected to the facts in the memo. Mueller said he didn’t, but that his buddies in the media were getting the story all wrong.

On April 10, Barr testified before the House Appropriations Committee and he had this exchange with Orange Charlie Crist (by the way, anyone who thinks Trump has an unusual hue should take a gander at Crist).

Now based on Mueller’s private letter, Pelosi has “pounced” if we can use that term:


It seems that Barr has committed a crime worthy of some sort of punishment:

“The attorney general of the United States did not tell the truth to the Congress. That’s a crime,” Pelosi said angrily on Thursday about Barr’s testimony Wednesday to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“He lied to Congress. If anybody else did that, it would be considered a crime,” Pelosi added. “Nobody is above the law. Not the president of the United States and not the attorney general. Being attorney general does not give you a bath to go say whatever you want and it is the fact because you are the attorney general. It just isn’t true.”

I don’t know if she’s talked to Eric Holder (or James Comey or Peter Strzok or Glenn Simpson or Nellie Ohr or, I’m too tired to continue) but Democrats lying to Congress seems to have risen to the level of spectator sport. If it were a crime, lots and lots of prominent Democrats would be in jail.


This is from Politico

Crist later told POLITICO that he agreed Barr committed a crime.

“It’s called perjury,” he said.

Asked what the result should be, Crist said, “We ought to have somebody who is in a law enforcement space charge him.”

Crist said he was open to potential contempt or impeachment proceedings against Barr.

When a reporter asked Pelosi if Barr should go to jail, she said, “There’s a process involved here, and as I said, I’ll say it again, the committee will act upon how we will proceed.“


The Justice Department is obviously scared:

“Speaker Pelosi’s baseless attack on the Attorney General is reckless, irresponsible, and false,” Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said in a statement.

Nothing is going to happen here. The only way Barr becomes criminally liable is if his subordinate, the US Attorney for the District of Columbia, takes this case to a grand jury. That isn’t going to happen. They could seek civil penalties but, unfortunately for the Democrats, the law says federal employees acting in their official capacity. You’re witnessing the last stage to the Democrat temper tantrum.

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