Nick Sandmann Files $275,000,000 Damage Suit Against NBC

[Screenshot from NBC News,]

If you don’t recall, Nick Sandmann is the high school junior from Covington Catholic High School who was harassed by Stolen Valor refrigerator repairman and part-time shaman, Nathan Phillips after the March for Life. Sandmann and his classmates were awaiting their bus and were subjected to a sustained racist verbal attack (had the attackers been white, it would have been called hate speech) from the Black Hebrew Israelites. Phillips and his cronies saw white kids, some wearing MAGA hats they’d purchased from street vendors, and decided they could cash in on the conflict. The encounter was filmed and went viral. Sandmann was subject to scurrilous attacks by many major media as well as being made an object of Two-Minute Hate on Twitter and Facebook…not to mention the subject of editorials on the right pointing out how we were all much, much better than these Catholic high school kids. (Read RedState coverage of the story.)


Sandmann’s parents engaged aggressive legal counsel and soon generated some apologies and retractions. But, for the worst offenders, massive lawsuits were promised.

Earlier, Sandmann’s legal team filed a $250,000,000 suit against the Washington Post. Today they followed with a $275,000,000 suit against NBC.

This is the summary of the lawsuit, Savannah Guthrie’s odious interview features heavily in the cause of action:

Read the whole lawsuit.

IANAL, but if this goes to a jury trial in basically anywhere in the country, particularly in Eastern Kentucky, Savannah Guthrie and Rachel Maddow will be working nights at Taco Bell to work off the fines and restitution.

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