Brian Williams Continues His Tradition of Truth Telling During the Barr Hearing

Watching Bill Barr’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee unfold via Twitter is like watching a total carnival of dumbf***ery. But one of the most accomplished masters of that particular expertise jumped out to an early lead.

Brian Williams.

Here, Brian Williams’ contribution to making us all a lot dumber by him being alive is lauded by the SecondMostSlappableFaceOnTheInternetTM and a master of dumbf***ery in his own right:

The line of attack the shills on the left are following is this: Barr said Trump didn’t collude. Mueller didn’t make a finding on collusion. Ergo, Barr is lying. This is just dishonesty of the type on which Brian Williams built a very successful media career.

As Mueller begrudgingly spells out on page 180 of his report, “collusion” is meaningless from an investigative standpoint. So Mueller deduced that collusion was analogous to “conspiracy” and “coordination.”

It is clear from the report that the sole reason that Mueller didn’t clear Trump and his campaign of “collusion” is because there is no such thing as “collusion.”

But Brian Williams is going to be Brian Williams — he’s going to lie not only to seem important but just to stay in practice.

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