Why Is CNN Spouting Russia's Propaganda About Venezuela

Right now the protests against the illegal Maduro regime in Venezuela are entering a critical phase. Thousands have taken to the streets of Caracas, demonstrators are being run down in the street by police armored vehicles, and fences around military bases are being breached.

Let’s be clear, the legitimate government of Venezuela is not the Maduro regime. The United States and at least 50 other nations, including the Organization of American States, recognize Juan Guaido as the legitimate leader of the government.

Even Dick Turban has gotten on board:

Regional powerhouses Brazil and Argentina have weighed in on the uprising by the Venezuelan people in very unambiguous terms.

The only outliers are Russia and China.

For whatever reason, CNN has elected to parrot Russia’s propaganda

That’s right. To most of the western world, Maduro is an illegitimate usurper under popular pressure to leave power. To CNN, this is a coup, and they quote Cuba’s Jefe to make their case:

This type of reporting, unfortunately, is par for the course for CNN. Rather than journalism, they deal in whatever propaganda that they think will aid the political opponents of the administration. They spent over two and a half years trying to convince their audience that Russia had elected President Trump. They they turn right around a repeat Moscow’s talking points when the Venezuelan people, with the support of the administration, are about to throw off Maduro’s oppressive government.

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