Not Even BuzzFeed Believes the Steele Dossier Is Legit and Probably Never Did

Over the days since Attorney General William Barr released the Mueller Report, the number of media outlets crabbing away from the Steele dossier has been rather amusing…considering the time and effort they devoted to trying to make the rest of us believe it was some kind of Rosetta Stone linking the Trump campaign to Vladimir Putin.


Michael Isikoff, one of the journalists who was briefed on the Steele Dossier by Christopher Steele, himself, is not saying that the media should have been more skeptical.

The New York Times, for instance, ran a story speculating that the whole thing may have been Russian disinformation…this after flogging every allegation shamelessly for over two years. See If This New York Times Reporter Suspected The Dossier Was A Fraud Why Is He Only Reporting On It Now.

Now an editor at BuzzFeed, the outlet that published the dossier, has weighed it:

Reporter Anthony Cormier made the blunt assessment at a investigative journalism symposium. He is a prominent player in the BuzzFeed investigative unit that obtained the dossier but wasn’t a story author.

“That f—ked up document,” Mr. Cormier said. “I’m going to say that. It was a f—ked-up document. I think we need to know more about where it came from. Why it is. What it means. But I still defend the right and decision to publish it because I believe in radical transparency. And if the U.S. government is passing that kind of intel to the president and president elect, I think you guys deserve to know.”

Mr. Cormier is referring to the fact that President Obama’s intelligence team briefed him on the accusations during the transition. Then-FBI Director James Comey then presented some of its charges to President-elect Trump at Trump Tower.


Actually, I think BuzzFeed did an immense public service by publishing the dossier. That enabled everyone to see what was being discussed and released us from the thrall of the media priesthood. Once normal humans looked at it, it because readily apparent, to all but the dimmest bulbs, that there were immense problems with the dossier.

But the larger point is that the people who were pushing the dossier allegations don’t seem to have believed the dossier either. Everything we have been told about the Mueller investigation indicates that the FBI had run to ground every traceable lead in the dossier BEFORE Mueller was ever appointed. For instance, the FBI had known since January 2017 that Michael Cohen had not visited Prague. One has to assume that Mueller knew from the first day on the job that the entire basis for his investigation was fraudulent and yet he decided to abuse his powers to damage President Trump and his administration.

You’ll note how the Democrats who are baying for impeachment have stopped talking about collusion and moved on to “obstruction.”

In the coming weeks we’re going to learn a lot more about how the Obama administration an its allies in Justice, the FBI, and CIA abused the intelligence gathering and law enforcement processes in order to they to push Hillary Clinton’s gravy infused butt over the finish line…and failing that, to carry out a soft coup on the Trump administration. A sure sign the hammer is about to fall will be more people lining up to say they didn’t really believe the dossier to begin with.


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