Beto O'Rourke Says Illegal Immigration Is Pretty Much Like Slavery

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At this point it seems sort of a waste of time beating up on Beto O’Rourke, it isn’t much of a contest, sort of like kicking the elderly, morbidly obese woman with the oxygen bottle out of her motorized shopping cart in the bakery section of WalMart and taking her carton of Camels (see Beto Looks Done As He Draws Hilariously Small Crowd at UNLV). But, as long as he’s on the trail and saying exotic stuff, we’re sort of duty bound to document it, just in case he become relevant again at some point in the future.

Here he is at some shindig put on jointly by the SEIU and the Center for American Progress.

Immigration. Millions living in the shadows. Working some of the toughest jobs. Lucky to make a minimum wage. Some not even making that. Kept in modern day bondage. Their immigration status used to keep them down, from fully in this country’s success and in our economy. An economy that works too well for too few, and not well enough for most Americans.

As an aside, he really needs to tone down his hand motions. They don’t make him look emphatic, they make him look weird. I kept expecting him to slap the crap out of himself.

Actually they aren’t in bondage. Bondage means they can’t leave anytime they wish. They can. They are in the shadows because they are here in violation of the law and are engaging in some form of identity theft in order to obtain the documentation needed to work here. Illegals draw upon public benefits at rates that exceed those of US citizens and their contribution to the economy, in general, is a net negative.

But if you are going to run for office, outside the liberal Democrat bubble, on the idea that illegals need to become citizens, good luck with that, because there is no evidence that wins you votes outside high-income liberal ghettos of the coasts.

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