What Is the One Word Prominent Democrats Won't Use in Describing the Church Bombings in Sri Lanka


On Easter Sunday, at least eight coordinated explosions were executed in Sri Lanka at Christian churches and hotels catering to Westerners. No fewer than 207 people were killed and the wounded are still being counted.


Considering the outpouring of emotion of the mosque massacre in New Zealand, the response by Democrats to this horror has been muted. Mostly because the victims were overwhelmingly Christian and the killers were, without any shadow of a doubt, the islamofascist thugs championed by progressive heroes like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. But even in expressing their sympathy to the martyred Christians and others murdered in the attacks, there is one surprising word that none of these prominent Democrats could manage to gag out:

Seriously, I mean WTF, WTFingF? Isn’t there a word in common usage in the English speaking world that describes people who attend church services on a day called “Easter?” Neither Obama nor Clinton had any reticence about identifying the people killed in New zealand as Muslims and not as “Friday worshippers” or “Mecca worshippers.”

This points to a hostility towards Christianity within the Democrat party that is so pervasive and institutionalized that it won’t even allow mention of the fact that in most of the world it is Christians, not Muslims, who are persecuted for their faith and who have their places of worship routinely targeted by, mostly, Muslims.

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