Matt Gaetz Trolls Adam Schiff With the PENCIL Act

Throughout its history, the House and the Senate have had committee chairmen who were odious in some respect. But rarely has any Congressional committee been chaired by someone as obviously corrupt and devoid of any semblance of integrity as the House Intelligence Committee under Adam Schiff. While he was the ranking member, he leaked shamelessly even going so far as to virtually simulcast the testimony of Donald Trump, Jr., to CNN’s Manu Raju…which turned out to be hilariously wrong. Under Schiff’s guidance as ranking member, the House Intelligence Committee Democrats were linked to nearly 100 serious leaks of information on the ongoing Russia investigation and the situation became sufficiently serious that the CIA contemplated refusing to let him see classified information.

Schiff’s actions as chairman have become increasingly erratic and bizarre, especially since the report of Mueller’s investigation seems to have completely unhinged the bug-eyed little fellow. Florida Republican Matt Gaetz has reacted in the best possible way to the abuse of power by Schiff and his monomaniacal fixation of declaring that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia (to this day, I’m not sure how that would be any different than the Clinton campaign’s relationship to Christopher Steele) when we know the Mueller report will say none existed. He’s introduced a bill to remove Schiff from his chairmanship.

While this ostensibly stands for “Preventing Extreme Negligence with Classified Information Licenses” Act it’s genesis is the March 28 rally held by President Trump in Grand Rapids, MI, where

Many many people were badly hurt by this scam but more importantly our country was hurt. Our country was hurt. And they are artificial respirators right now.

They are getting mouth to mouth resuscitation. Little pencil neck Adam Schiff. He’s got the smallest, thinnest neck I’ve ever seen. He is not a long ball hitter. I saw him today, ‘well we don’t really know, there could have still been some Russia.’ Sick, these are sick people.

The Trump campaign is selling Pencil Neck Adam Schiff tee shirts:

Schiff has a very thin skin, which is not unusual for a man of massive ego and de minimus abilities. He has to know that his colleagues are laughing behind his back over the pencil neck name and he has to know that it won’t be long until they are laughing in his face. He’s not going to handle any of this all that well.

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