WATCH. AG Barr Reveals the Book Hasn't Been Closed on FBI Misconduct

In his congressional testimony a little earlier today, Attorney General William Barr not only revealed when the Mueller report will be released, he revealed a couple of investigations that are ongoing but which will soon be finishing up. Both of these investigations are much more important to the future of the nation than anything contained in the Mueller report.

He said the DOJ IG is in the final stages of its investigation into the FISA warrants obtained on Carter Page.

This is huge. It now seems virtually certain that the FBI used the “pee dossier” as evidence that Carter Page was conspiring with the Russians. If so, that would mean that someone, somewhere, swore under oath that the material in there was true. And we now know that it wasn’t. The very fact that Page, who was the subject of at least three FISA warrants that extended well into 2017, was never indicted for anything, despite being extensively interviewed by the FBI, speaks volumes. Beneath the dumbf***ery going on as people who giggled and chortled about how Page was going to bring Trump down and how Devin Nunes was an idiot–and I’m sad to say some of that happened on this site–trying to revise and extend their remarks to comport with the facts, the realization is seeping in that Page was abused by the FBI for reasons that need a full accounting.

Barr said this report should be finished in May or June.

The second part is that Barr is conducting a review of FBI conduct during the investigation of the Trump campaign.

“More generally, I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation and trying to get my arms around the aspects of the counterintelligence investigation that was conducted in the summer of 2016.”

And well he should. It seems that a counterintelligence investigation was launched at President Trump’s campaign using information that was either downright wrong (the pee dossier) or hearsay twice removed (the alleged conversation between Papadopoulos and Downer). At no time was Trump given the courtesy of a preventive briefing so he could fire staff who were under suspicion. When taken together with the pervasive institutional bias against Trump found in the higher echelons, it looks like Peter Strzok’s “insurance policy,” should Trump win, was the Mueller investigation. One also hopes that Barr looks at the role of former CIA Director and Obama goon John Brennan. The more we know the more it looks like Brennan conspired with at least one foreign intelligence service (MI6) to dangle agents provocateurs in front of Trump campaign staffers. We still don’t know the role CIA and MI6 played in developing the “pee dossier.”

While he was at it, Barr also said he’s treating the criminal referrals he received from Devin Nunes as very serious and will investigate if those referrals show signs a crime was committed.

On the whole, this was not a great day for the Resistance. And there is more work left to do.

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