BREAKING. AG Barr Reveals When Mueller Report Will Be Released and Why Democrats Won't Be Happy

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Attorney General William Barr is taking questions from the House Appropriations Committee this morning. While he’s testifying on Department of Justice’s budget submission most of the questions revolve around the Mueller report.

Major point: The Mueller report will be released in a week. This is pretty amazing turnaround considering the same Department of Justice declassification monkeys delayed the House Judiciary and House Intelligence Committees for over a year.

Second item: the spin wars are about to start. Barr made it very clear that the House is not getting a clean copy of the investigation. In his March 29 letter he warned that four categories of material would be redacted: “(1) material subject to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e) that by law cannot be made public; (2) material the intelligence community identities as potentially compromising sensitive sources and methods; (3) material that could affect other ongoing matters, including those that the Special Counsel has referred to other Department offices; and (4) information that would unduly infringe on the personal privacy and reputational interests of peripheral third parties.”

Unhappiness aside, a DC circuit ruling last week pretty much closed the door on making grand jury testimony available outside a judicial process. And it is unlikely that the Democrats really want to have exculpatory evidence that shows Carter Page, Michael Flynn, and George Papdapoulos had nothing to do with any illicit contacts with any other nation released. Better to keep it redacted and simply lie about what the redactions conceal.

More on this hearing as it progresses.

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