Trump 2020 Campaign Sells the Most Outrageously Funny Political T-Shirt Ever

free image via pixabay

free image via pixabay

This is epic trolling.

Earlier this week, it was reported that at a meeting of House Republicans that President Trump referred to California Democrat Adam Schiff as a “pencil neck” and opined he wouldn’t be able to drive a golf ball more than 50 yards. He repeated the description at his rally in Grand Rapids, MI.


I don’t play golf, but a quick fact check of the claim that Schiff is a pencil neck shows that it is rated TRUE. Schiff is one of those guys whose head is as wide as their shoulders.

Now it seems like Schiff is destined to be part of Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign

What is funny about this is that the lefty media outlets covering it, like Vox, like Slate, don’t defend Schiff. In fact, you can nearly imagine the backs of Schiff’s ears turning red as he walks down the halls of Congress and hears the snickers and giggling behind his back.


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