NY Post Announces the Winner Of Its Mueller Madness Bracket

Credit: NY Post via https://twitter.com/Susan_Hennessey/status/1110354009586614272

On Monday, there was some soiling of panties in the media as White House Press Secretary tweeted out the Mueller Madness bracket. It featured pundits in four classes–cable, network, print and twitter–facing off for the honors of who was the most wrong. Sanders took some crap for it from a bunch of bitchy little girls of both sexes on the left, but you get the feeling that Sanders has about zero f***s left to give.

Now, a week after the release of the summary of Mueller’s report, we have the winner: Rachel Maddow.

More than 1,000 readers shared their brackets with us, and a large plurality (nearly a quarter) picked Maddow for the top spot. As reader Jim Murphy said, Maddow “ripped through the field like the Isiah Thomas Indiana team did back in 1981,” fueled by the conviction that it was “her job to educate ‘We the Stupid’ on every rumor and how they all fit together.”

Maddow excelled at connecting nonconnected dots. Night ­after night for two years, she spun tinfoil-hat theories about how “Donald Trump is going to do what Russia wants,” how “the presidency is effectively a ­Russian op.” This, even as the Trump administration armed ­Poland and Ukraine, bombed Russian operatives in Syria and squeezed Moscow’s chief Mideast client, Iran.

In a six-week period in the spring of 2017, the MSNBC star devoted more than half of her segments to Russia, according to an estimate by The Intercept. “Every day, I lead my show and think I’m going to be talking about something else,” she admitted at one point. “But every day, over the course of the news cycle, a new piece of [the collusion story] falls into place.”

I sort of disagree with the winner. I don’t think Maddow ever believed the nutters she had on her show or much of what she said. Often you got the feeling from her delivery that it was all a meta-joke and that she was doing it strictly for revenue purposes. Some of the people in the bracket really believed what they were saying. They should be recognized for being that stupid.



CREDIT: New York Post, https://nypost.com/2019/03/27/and-the-winner-of-the-posts-mueller-madness-bracket-is/

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