Lisa Page Reveals How the FBI Justified Illegal Surveillance Of the Trump Campaign

Lisa Page Reveals How the FBI Justified Illegal Surveillance Of the Trump Campaign

Yesterday, Georgia Republican Doug Collins released the transcript of two days of testimony given by former FBI lawyer and paramour of the discredited former FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok. This is the second transcript that Collins has released in protest of the FBI’s use of secrecy to prevent the public from seeing non-secret but embarrassing information about the FBI. The transcript is available here.

One of the interesting side shows in the whole Russia probe has been why the FBI, which was allegedly concerned that one or more Trump campaign officials was having some kind of contact with Russia, elected to carry out a political espionage/dirty tricks campaign directed at President Trump both as a candidate, as president-elect, and as a sitting president. In particular, it always seemed strange that there was sufficient concern to open a counter-intelligence investigation but not enough concern to give the candidate a so-called defensive briefing on the perceived threat and allow him to mitigate the damage. Back in May of 2018, I noted that Trump was not afforded this courtesy in The “Crossfire Hurricane” Story Paints An Ugly Picture Of The FBI And Department Of Justice.

We know there was someone on the 2008 McCain campaign who tickled the whiskers of counter-intelligence agencies. McCain was privately approached and the person was removed from the campaign. Trump was not extended this courtesy.

That very subject was covered in the committee questioning of Page. And she revealed an unsurprising answer.

As you can see from the FISA application on Carter Pare, the FBI clearly says he is an agent of a foreign power.

We also know that the one FISA warrant we have was preceded by other such warrants. In fact, Page stepped down from the Trump campaign in September based on leaks to the media that he was under investigation for his ties to Russia…so much for any concern for an innocent man’s reputation.

What is notable is that Page has basically been exonerated by Mueller.

When one puts this in the context of the infamous “insurance policy” statement it becomes more sketchy.

It looks more and more like the FBI deliberately deceived the FISA court, getting permission to electronically monitor a ham sandwich Carter Page. And they did so on the strength of the unverified allegations in the Steele dossier. They didn’t tell Trump anything about Page because a) they knew that Page was clean but b) they were able to use the fiction of Page’s FISA warrant to justify increasing their scrutiny of the Trump camp.

What happens next?

Unfortunately, in choosing an apparatchik like William Barr to be Attorney General and another apparatchik as his deputy and with a member of the Swamp comfortably ensconced at FBI headquarters nothing will come of this. But something could…

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