President Trump Was Right About Human Trafficking So Why Won't the Left Admit It?

CREDIT: US Customs and Border Protection. Public Domain image.

In Friday’s speech from the Rose Garden announcing that he intended to build the border wall with Mexico with or without Congress’s help, President Trump laid out a compelling case for why a wall is needed. And he’s also right about how women, in particular, are smuggled across the border. We know that nearly a third of all women and girls illegally transiting the border were subject to sexual assault somewhere along their journey.


You can’t take human traffic, women and girls, you can’t take them through ports of entry. You can’t have them tied up in the back seat of a car or a truck or a van. They open the door, they look. If they can’t see three women with tape on their mouth or three women whose hands are tied. They go through areas where you have no wall. Everybody knows that.

As predictable as clockwork, the left went on attack converting a non-controversial statement into a major issue. This is from the LA Times opinion page, The national emergency is all in our president’s skull.

Why did anyone even air that clip without using seven-second delay to bleep out Trump’s creepy racist rape-fantasy madness? Why did cable TV run and rerun it? Maybe we couldn’t believe it, so it had to spool around and around so we could take it all in. But there it was: Trump’s lecherous invocation of sexual violence. His absurdist lying. And of course his lynching-era pretext for racist subjugation and violence.

That speech was a brick to the head. It should have been inadmissible in the public sphere. In three words, Trump told us he was a vicious demagogue who would drag us all down to vanquish his imaginary demons. But at that moment, he also wasn’t tracking. Donald Trump was running for president because Mexicans, they’re rapists. Huh?

Now, with his Friday Rose Garden speech, Trump has declared war on our institutions because of that same fantasy, in which he saves imaginary women, bound with imaginary electrical tape, from imaginary rape by ineffectively and expensively walling out refugees and immigrants on the southern border. It adds up to a national emergency in the president’s skull only.


Rape fantasy? If anyone is having a rape fantasy here it is the writer.

The #Resistance, both left and NeverTrump, can’t seem to get their heads around the fact that people are actually brought into the United States unwillingly and sometimes they are physically restrained. This from the New York Times:

In some cases, women are used as currency to pay for passage through areas controlled by drug cartels. The cartels generally require each coyote to sell at least one woman into prostitution every two months in lieu of his monthly fee, according to Óscar Martínez, a Salvadoran journalist who investigated smuggling rings for his book “The Beast.”

And in the United States, the exploitation continues. Smugglers sometimes buy migrants for $100 or $200 each, then extort relatives to make the money back.

“They rent a house, gut it, throw down a few mattresses, and then when aliens get there, take their shoes, clothes and put them in a room,” said Sean McElroy, assistant special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations in Houston. “And usually, you will walk into a bedroom and see 20 people sitting on hands and knees, sometimes tied up with zip ties and with burlap sacks over their heads.”

In fact, in their orgy of fact checking, PolitiFact decided to not look at this claim.

Their willingness to consign people to a life of slavery or prostitution rather than give the President credit for acting to stamp out this trade says a lot about the people making fun of his argument. Contrary to their claims of “principles” what they are actually afraid of is President Trump succeeding, and that would be the worst possible fate for them.


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