After Covington and Smollett We Owe Ourselves a Victory Dance In the End Zone

Touchdown by Ron Cogswell, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Welp. It is that time again.

Another bullsh** allegation of some sort of race/gender harassment has blown up and, after a couple of weeks of putting up with being told how horrible we are…because every bad action by a Republican or anyone thought to have been a Republican at one time or another is, naturally, the responsibility of every Republican…now we’re told we’re horrible for having been right in our initial skepticism.

The Jussie Smollett case had the Tawana Brawley stench about it from Day One. A C-list actor from a television show that is popular with someone goes out from his hotel in Chicago in the early morning hours of Tuesday, January 29. He returns to his hotel wearing a rope around his neck and carrying his Subway sandwich. The temperature is about -9, according to AccuWeather. He claims he was jumped by a couple of white guys wearing MAGA hats who said hurty-pants things to him and welcomed him to “Trump country.” They also poured bleach on him. To people not suffering from tertiary TDS, there were bizarre things that never rang true. Strangely, in addition to letting him keep his sandwich, Smollett’s assailants also avoided hitting him in the face. They were racists but strangely gentlemanly about it. Smollett isn’t all that famous and it’s pretty doubtful anyone would recognize him at 2 a.m. Why were guys hanging out waiting to attack this actor in subzero weather? How did they know he would be jonesing for some Subway in the wee hours? And since when did Chicago become “Trump country?”

Now we know that this whole thing was contrived by Smollett and a couple of acquaintances, but guess what? Now we are all terrible people for pointing out the credulousness of the press and their willingness to push any story at all that might further the Democrat agenda. In fact, we are now being scolded by left and right over rubbing this nonsense in. First up, S. E. Cupp:

The dishonesty here is so grotesque that it is actually awe-inspiring.

The network this person works for pushed this story, hard, from day one and now, because she allegedly (I have to admit that I could no more sit through her show than I could watch TeleTubbies) “waited for the facts.” Neither, it seems, can very many other people.

And this from David Marcus who is just a lot better than we are:

This is some of the most blatant dumbfu**ery since the Covington Catholic High School kids were held to be responsible for something because they wore MAGA hats. We’re being told that we are playing into the hands of heaven-knows-what foreign plot because we are dunking on all the cretins who pushed this story. Smollett isn’t to blame. The people who pushed the story aren’t to blame. The people who were targeted by this stunt and who didn’t believe it are now the bad guys for saying “I told you so.”

The only way to stop this nonsense is to show no mercy and no forgiveness to anyone who pushed this story or pushed the story about the Covington Catholic kids. For too long, we’ve been the target of this kind of abuse. Time and again it has been proven false. And each time we’re told to magnanimous, to forgive and forget in the service of healing wounds.

F*** that noise.

I’m at a point where I want nothing to do with these people that doesn’t involve them learning to code. If anyone wants to let this slide, feel free. Just don’t expect me to stop laughing at you.

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