Twitter Again Proves It Doesn't Care About Behavior So Long As You Have the Right Politics

For a couple of weeks now, ever since the laws of profit-and-loss caught up with the lackwits and grifters that populate the “newsrooms” at BuzzFeed and Huffington Post, the left has been trying to stamp out a popular Twitter expression. That would be “learn to code.” Regular diarist Dana Pico gives the history of the expression which goes back to these same unemployed journalists using the phrase to mock coal miners and other blue collar workers deliberately put out of work by the Obama administration.  The left lost little time in banding together to get twitter to ban users who used the phrase.

Tuesday night, Daily Caller Editor in Chief Geoffrey Ingersoll tweeted “learn to code” in response to a lame-a$$ Daily Show joke and found Twitter had locked him out.

Yesterday, the anti-learn-to-code trolls struck again.

Devin Nunes gave an interview a couple of nights ago (see Sarah Lee’s excellent post) in which he wondered what the press was going to do without the Russia collusion story as a faithful standby:

The left had a cow:


Nick Short (@PoliticalShort), digital media director at Security Studies Group and a Twitter must-follow, commented on it:

After Twitter got all pissy about “learn to code” the rule was tweeting it at an individual journalist was an offense. Then, as the Ingersoll lockout showed, tweeting it at a group of journalists was problematic. Then Nick Short found that simply including it in a tweet to your followers would get you locked out of your account. (BTW, I don’t know what Lawfare objected to, but they are a bunch of high strung little fellows and and it is entirely possible some of them were injured by twisted panties.)

This is bullsh**. And many people noted it.

I’m sort of tired of hearing from people who claim to be on the right that we should just shut up and take it because Twitter is a private company. That is exactly the same mindset that precedes every genocide and political purge in history. Twitter doesn’t care about harassment. Twitter doesn’t care about death threats. So long as the “right” people are harassed and threatened. Check Dana Loesch’s Twitter feed at any time of the day. What they care about is protecting their allies and shutting down news and information and even jokes that makes the fascist SJWs who work for Twitter and the fluffers in the media look bad. Once you understand that they could give a rat’s ass about behavior and only care about politics, this is all easily explained. I really hope that eventually President Trump unleashes the Antitrust Division of Department of Justice on Twitter and on Facebook and on Google  with instructions to treat them and their employees just like Enron and its employees were treated.

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