Northam, Fairfax, and Herring Get Assistance From People On the Right Who Like To Lose

The rapidly developing, all-engulfing sh**storm emanating out of Virginia’s Democrat party is providing some interesting insights into the differences between the GOP pundit class, on one hand, and


In Virginia, 100% of the constitutional officers elected statewide are now in danger of being forced from office. Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring used a blackface costume (Northam may have used a KKK robe, we aren’t sure) 35 and 39 years ago, respectively. Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax is accused of committing foricible sodomy on a colleague 15 years ago during the 2004 DNC convention. To many of us this is an opportunity. But there seem to be quite a few on the right who are uncomfortable with the opportunity.

I understand the sentiment here. Should there be a statute of limitations on how far back we can in a person’s history to find things to disqualify them from office? Of course, there should. In my view, I don’t care what someone wrote in a college newspapers or on a high school term paper, though I realize this would put Andrew Kaczynski’s whole nasty little Kfiles operation out of business and he’d have to learn to code or salt fries.


This thread from John Hayward (@Doc_0 on Twitter) encapsulates the situation perfectly:

The faith of some people on the Right that the Left will see reason and back down from insane double standards if we just graciously allow a few Democrats to skate on speech code violations is astonishing. When has the modern Left EVER reciprocated such indulgences?

Can anyone point to a single instance where the Left said: “You know what, you’re right! We were silly to make guilty-until-proven-innocent-and-maybe-not-even-then the new standard! It was about to come back and bite us in the ass – but thanks, conservatives, for letting us go!”

“You know what? The next time some Republican gets in trouble, we’re going to remember how you conservatives gave Democrats a pass. We’ve really learned the lesson you kindly, gently taught us. We will rise to your noble example!”

Furthermore, is there any evidence the general public is inspired by these examples of conservative mercy and understanding to turn against the insane standards of political correctness?

The conservative chump strategy might be justifiable if the bitter hard Left went right back to punching them below the belt, but the great mass of non-ideological people was inspired by gallant gestures to turn against the Left’s power plays and reject political correctness.

It sounds like it might work in theory, but I see no evidence whatsoever that it works in practice, in part because the media skews so strongly to the Left. They will not allow the public to conclude political correctness is a crooked game because conservatives refuse to play.

But I guess a certain wing of the Right is determined to forget all about Kavanaugh, let the Virginia Democrats slide… and then act gobsmacked when the Left utterly savages whoever Trump nominates to replace Ginsburg, without a hint of remorse, restraint, or mercy.


I actually don’t care what Northam or Herring wore as costumes 30+ years ago. I don’t care a whole lot about Fairfax, my view is that the time for this compliant was 15 years ago and if it wasn’t important then, it isn’t important now. I was of the view that even had Christine Ford been telling the truth about Brett Kavanaugh, who the hell cares? There was zero in his life to make one think that such an incident was a pattern of behavior. But those are not the rules and that will not change until we start making the Democrats live by their own rules.

We will not do that by riding in to save the day for Northam and Herring, both of which are odious, with the belief that this will somehow result in a truce. It won’t. The Democrats always mistake kindness for weakness and they combine that with a natural predilection to be craven in defeat (my butt will develop boils if I hear “voter suppression” one more time) and merciless in victory. Given how the GOP tends to act apologetic when it wins, often the Democrats don’t even have to win to be merciless.

We have the chance to torpedo the political careers of three Democrat politicians, one of whom will inevitably have a national profile in the future, and we get to use Democrat organizations and Democrat rules to do it. At the same time, we have a unique opportunity here to demolish the ridiculous SJW purity tests now being administered on candidates. But all of that goes away if we delude ourselves into thinking that anything less that the public immolation of Northam, Fairfax, and Herring will bring that change about.


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