No, Out-of-Work Lefty Journalists, "Learn to Code" Is Not a Secret Alt-Right Phrase

On Thursday and Friday the cause of Truth received a huge boost as two loci of lies and disinformation, BuzzFeed and Huffington Post, were hit with the first of what will be a rolling series of layoffs. Over 220 otherwise unemployable leftwing journalists lost their jobs and more will this coming week as BuzzFeed continues to pare away the deadwood in an attempt to find any sign of life.


[You really have to listen to this before going on.]

One thought that occurred to just about everyone was that these clowns should take the rather gleeful advice they were handing out to coal miners and other unemployed blue collar guys during the Obama regime’s war on the American economy, they should learn to code.

What happened next was an interesting exercise in SJW jujitsu (sorry, is that cultural appropriation? If so I’ll be better next time). Because some guys at 4chan were pushing “learn code” suddenly “learn code” became a 4chan invention and anyone using it was, de facto, part of the alt-right. For instance, the rather rotund woman who was fired from her job after she accused a disabled vet of being a Nazi–while working as a fact checker, no less–because he had a Maltese cross tat on his elbow, said I was plagiarizing (really? words mean things)

[I have to accept this twit as an authority on bottom feeders based on her work history.]

Now we have the reporter who was fired for this:


has entered the fray.

WTF? Ace has this correct.

That’s right, Julie. It’s not a reference to Obama’s speech telling coal miners to Learn to Code, or the various sneers by the media class about people in dying industries to just “Learn to Code.” You found us out — “Learn to Code” is actually a reference for coded numbers on Holocaust victims. No one puts the pieces of the puzzle together like an underemployed manic-obsessive! Well-played. You got to the dark Nazi heart of the whole conspiracy.

Oh no wait! I was lying! We in the Conspiracy are told to lie! “Code” is a reference to “17,” which refers to the 17th letter of the alphabet, which is Q, which means QAnon, which comes after P which rhymes with T and means we got Nazi Trouble right here in River City!

No no no, wait! You’ve merely gotten through the first two layers of the Onion of Deceit!!! “Code” is a visual representation of a leering Pepe the Frog face, with the “o” and “d” forming his eyes, and the “C” and “e” demarcarting the bulbous sides of his head!!! You got us again, Cluster B Personality Nancy Drew! I award Hufflepuff 100 points!!!


There is a code in the phrase, though. The code is “screw you ill-educated, pompous leeches who laughed at people who actually work for a living when they lost their jobs and we hope to see you riding the back of that garbage truck soon.”

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