Laid Off HuffPo Journalists Not Interested in Learning to Code

What do you call 250 leftwing journalists on food stamps? A good start.

Yesterday the corporate ax fell at BuzzFeed and at Verizon Media (which includes HuffPost, AOL and Yahoo News among others) and about 1,000 people were laid off. BuzzFeed reportedly shed 215 staff and at least 20 were at Huffington Post. Let’s take a moment and appreciate the damage to the Republic that will come from missing these voices. Think of the critical stories that won’t be covered:

Think of the loss of talent and perspective

Wait, wait, you can get a Ph.D. in romantic comedies?

When you look at this collection of crap you are left with one of two thoughts: a) WTF were they thinking when they hired this person or b) this person should never work again. In some cases, there is c) both.

While there isn’t a lot of info on the cuts at BuzzFeed, the HuffPo cuts were mostly from the elimination of the “opinion” and “health” sections with, presumably, some deadwood tossed in for good measure. It isn’t hard to see why these SJWs were eliminated. Opinions, as they say, are like rectums because everyone has one and while the collection of assclowns writing opinions for HuffPo might have been uniquely unqualified to even have opinions about anything they weren’t providing anything that can’t be seen on CNN or read on the front page of the New York Times. Their medical reporting gave superficial a bad name. Issues, like Ebola, are covered much better by other outlets who actually know what they are writing about. Basically, the organizations cut were those that no one read and seemed to exist solely for the ability of the people to engage in virtue signaling.

Blowing up this sinecure for political extremists is not only good for the corporate bottom line, it is good for society and for the nation. The bonus here is that those of this group who are actually able to find employment probably aren’t going to be writing opinion for a living.

But there is hope. Maybe they can take their own advice and learn to code.

Really? Apparently HuffPo thought it was a thing.


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