Nancy Pelosi and the Left Close Ranks to Defend Nutbaggery and Anti-Semitism

Caricature by DonkeyHotey

Caricature by DonkeyHotey


This has not been a great week for the CAIR-endorsed Hamas Caucus of the House Democrats.


Freshman congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, who, if not a virulent anti-Semite effectively portrays one, has been called out for hanging out with known Hezbollah sympathizers. Hezbollah is a violent terrorist group that is on the State Department’s list of terror groups.

And for her attack on Jewish colleagues who voted to restrict the ability of the BDS movement to push anti-Israel boycotts.


Perhaps the most interesting member of the Hamas Caucus is Ilhan Omar. Omar, who apparently married her brother (NTTAWWT) to try to get him a US visa. She, of course, denies engaging in a felony but has yet to provide any documentation that refutes the story which originated in Minnesota’s Somali subculture.

She has a view of Israel that would be very much at home in a lot of, to use the technical term, Third World sh**holes.

And she’s out there leading the charge flogging the story that Lindsey Graham is being blackmailed by President Trump.

So far the response from Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team is crickets. In fact, if anything, they are rewarding Omar’s bizarre behavior.


Why? Because they know that there is no reason for them to do anything because no one in the media cares about this kind of anti-semitism and bigotry unless it can be blamed on a Republican and then the Vichy Republicans will be out in droves to denounce whatever it is that the left needs denounced. You won’t find that on the left:

In fact, we’re to the point where you can’t even make fun of what the Democrats are doing without some humorless scold trying to score Twitter points with the right sort of Republicans

(I can’t help but think that the Examiner magazine is going to be, as they say, “lit af.”)

Regardless, we’re seeing political radicals who hold views inimical to American national security interests being mainstreamed into key committees as members of the majority. For all the fecal incontinence created by non-stories by the Washington Post and NYT over President Trump’s outing secret agents, Israel, in particular, has to be aware that at least one Hezbollah sympathizer is a friend of a member of Congress and another loathes Israel and is also a Hezbollah sympathizer. And we’re seeing blatant, open and proud anti-Semites being accepted by Democrat leadership and rewarded for that behavior.



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