Jen Psaki: Nancy Pelosi Really Showed Donald Trump Who Is Boss

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I have to admit, this is one of the most enjoyable days I’ve ever had observing politics. It might even exceed the amusement of the wailing and gnashing of teeth on November 9, 2016. Watching Adam Schiff get off the bus after President Trump pulled the plug on his self-fellating trip to Afghanistan has made a lot of the pain of the past year worthwhile. What makes it especially sweet is when Nancy Pelosi’s cheerleaders get cut off at the knees. Case in point is Pelosi fluffer and former State Department spokeswoman, Jen Psaki. To call Psaki stupid and incompetent is to slander the hard working stupid and incompetent people who show up to work each day and do their best. Remember this stupidity?


Psaki had an op-ed earlier today on the CNN website titled: Pelosi plays by her own rules and strikes out Trump. Here is some of Psaki’s insights that made US foreign policy under Obama such a roaring success:

On Wednesday morning, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced President Donald Trump, and her expanded Democratic caucus, to the big leagues.

By sending a carefully crafted, old-school letter to convey that the President was no longer invited to deliver the State of the Union on January 29, she played the political game on her terms and accomplished three important things.

First, the President will no longer deliver the biggest speech of the year on the date he selected (unless something changes in a big way soon)…

Second, Pelosi showed Trump and members of her own party why she is the boss.

Third, she reminded the American public that Trump has the power to end the shutdown.

This shows the entire disinvite to give a State of the Union address to be just what it looked like: a cheap, low-rent, puerile, power play. Far from being the “big leagues,” Pelosi acted as though she was the queen bee of some middle school mean girls clique who’d decided have a sleep over and not invite one of her rivals. She looked cheap and petty for very good reason. She is. And now she looks stupid in the bargain.


In on letter, delivered by tweet, President Trump let her know that her ability to jet around the world, scaring children and disturbing livestock, is contingent upon him letting her do that. He reminded her that the USAF responds to his orders. He also reminded the American public that Pelosi was being deliberately derelict in her responsibility because while she was enjoying five-star accommodations, on Uncle Sugar’s dime, the shut down could not end. And he reminded her that she is not the boss. She’s not even the deputy boss.

I think Trump did this because he and his inner circle realize that they have nothing to lose by heaping indignities on this dotty old bat. This gambit by Trump humiliated her and it definitely showed her caucus that she is not someone who Trump takes all that seriously. This is going to cause major problems for her going forward as she was in danger of not being made speaker to begin with and had to promise to term-limit herself. Despite that the addled but adoring Jen Psaki thinks, Pelosi damaged herself permanently with this little stunt and all of Washington, Democrat and Republican, will be laughing behind her back and she knows it.


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