Gillette Trashes Masculinity. Harry's Razors Says Hold My Beer

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We’ve had a few posts on the travesty of an advertising campaign that some ad executive sold to the feckless SJWs at Proctor and Gamble and its Gillette brand. The idea is that masculinity is toxic, to use the vernacular of the braided-underarm-hair-genders-studies crowd, and that any male activity, from rough housing to laughing at a scene in a sitcom to trying to talk to an attractive woman (this may be a news flash, but a lot of marriages have their beginning in a guy approaching a girl he doesn’t know and starting a conversation), is something to be suppressed and shamed out of existence. Worse still, it takes caricatures of male behavior (oddly enough, behaviors most closely associated with men who are raised without a significant male influence in their lives) which are not very common at all and tries to pretend as though they were a) commonplace and b) anyone practicing these behaviors was going to take character guidance from a freakin razor blade commercial. If you need to review it, here it is:


I’ve used Gillette products all my adult life. I started with “safety razors” (they actually weren’t) and I still have the Trac II I carried in my field gear for the entire time I was in the Army. I’ve never considered buying razor blades as something worth the wear-and-tear on the neurons used to make a comparative decision…though in the past few years paying more for a pack of razor blades than I would for a good burger and a beer has really chapped my ass. This latest ad convinced me that no number of comfortable shaves is worth giving my money to a bunch of misandrist ignoramuses like those who greenlighted this ad. So I turned Mr. Google’s attention away from tracking my location to trying to find an alternative product. The first one that popped on the list was Harry’s. I was sold.

Then I stumbled onto this:

The now-deleted tweet was actually worse that Gillette’s because it attacks what should be desired core values.


Here are some of the terms that Harry’s considers to be harmful and in need of redefining:

Man up.
Be a man.
Be the man.
Be tough.
Be stoic.
Be a rock.
Keep a stiff upper lip.
Grow a pair.
Boys will be boys.
Take it like a man.
Be the breadwinner.

Sign me up for all of these.

Unlike the caricature flogged by Gillette, when you’ve finished crossing them off Harry’s list of undesirable male traits you’re left with a less masculine version of Bruce Jenner.

This whole thing is actually worse than the trend among actors and musicians of trying to portray themselves as thought leaders because I really don’t give a flying f*** what makers of shaving and butt-wipe products think and I don’t even find their opinions amusing.

I’m not a Mark Dice fan, but if you are, these are his takes on razor blade makers hectoring us on how men should behave.

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