Bad News, Democrats, Your Top Candidate Is Bowing Out of the 2020 Race

Creepy Porn Lawyer is taking his clown hat out of the ring:


How will the republic ever survive this shock.

For the life of me, I never understood the Avenatti boomlet. He was an failure as a lawyer and a failure as a crook and a failure as a fraud. Let’s face it, how many lawyers think its fine to run a fundraiser for a client…and not give them the money. Okay. That wasn’t a very fair question given that we’re talking about lawyers. How many lawyers have filed lawsuits on behalf of a client when the client didn’t authorize the lawsuit?

Avenatti let his dislike of Trump…or more probably his jealousy…lead him into perilous territory that resulted in the Senate Judiciary Committee sending a criminal referral to Department of Justice based on his behavior during the Kavanaugh hearing.

But Avenatti apparently took his candidacy serious, right up until his latest domestic violence arrest:

Avenatti’s presidential exploration wasn’t just hot air, he formed a political action committee, purchased a voter database used by the Democratic Party, and worked with a former adviser to Hillary Clinton. Avenatti made appearances in the early presidential primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire, advocating for a strategy of direct and merciless attacks on Trump to defeat him for a second term.

“What I fear for this Democratic Party that I love so much is that we have a tendency to bring nail clippers to a gunfight,” Avenatti said during a speech in Iowa in August. “When they go low, I say, we hit harder.”


But, if one thing is certain, American political life is full of miraculous resurrections. I doubt we’ve seen the last of Creepy Porn Lawyer.


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