Media Push #FakeNews Story To Try to Help Mike Espy Win Mississippi's Senate Race

As the Democrats become more and more frantic about being locked out of real power for a while, it has become virtually certain that any election featuring a black Democrat candidate will include a heaping helping of race-baiting. We saw this is Florida, where a very corrupt–and probably soon-to-be-indicted–Andrew Gillum was able to use a willing media to turn the election into a referendum on race relations. It didn’t work very well because black women, who, one might guess, recognized Gillum’s con gave Ron DeSantis his margin of victory.


The next act in this shameful saga is playing out in Mississippi where Democrat-turned-Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith seems unable to do much of anything without being called a racist. At this juncture, I think if she commented on the night being dark or ordered collard greens in a restaurant, the media would accuse her of making racial allusions or cultural appropriation. This is not to say that Hyde-Smith has not engaged in some dumbf***ery, she has. But there is a difference between racist and a local politician being dissected on the national stage. The media are generating and nurturing this race-baiting, in effect acting as an arm of the campaign of former Clinton secretary of agriculture, narrowly acquitted felon, and general grifter Mike Espy.

Yesterday, these were the headlines and opening paragraphs.

Nooses hanging from trees and hateful signs were found at the Mississippi State Capitol early Monday morning, just a day before a runoff election to decide whether a black man will represent the state in the U.S. Senate for the first time since the 1880s.

Two nooses and six hateful signs that referenced murdered black teen Emmett Till and lynching were hung around the Capitol campus at about 7 a.m. on Monday, according to Chuck McIntosh, spokesman for the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration.


The Mississippi Department of Public Safety is looking for several suspects believed responsible for placing a pair of nooses and signs on the Mississippi state Capitol grounds Monday morning.

The items were placed the day before a runoff election between Republican incumbent Cindy Hyde-Smith and former Democratic congressman Mike Espy for a US Senate seat. The runoff has drawn attention to the state’s history of racist violence.

A day before a runoff US Senate election and as Donald Trump prepared to visit the state to stage two rallies, nooses and six signs were found on the grounds of the Mississippi capitol.

Chuck McIntosh, a spokesman for the state department of finance and administration, which oversees the capitol, said the nooses and signs were found on Monday shortly before 8am, on the south side of the grounds.

The matter was under investigation, he said, adding that he did not know what was on the signs. A local television station showed photos of the nooses hanging over tree limbs, and described the rest as “hate signs”.

Several nooses were found hanging outside of the Mississippi Capitol building on Monday, a day ahead of a highly anticipated and controversial special election in the state.

State officials said the nooses were accompanied by handwritten signs mentioning lynchings and Tuesday’s special Senate runoff, which has drawn attention to Mississippi’s history of racially motivated violence.


The insinuation is that this is some kind of a racist message directed at black Mississippians. But it was known at the time that this was a protest against Hyde-Smith by someone who is not going to vote for her today.

While, if you read deep into the articles above, you eventually find the text of the signs, the intent is clear. The headlines focusing on nooses and the subheads reminding people that Mike Espy is black are the real message. The real target here is Hyde-Smith.


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