SJW Gillum Aide Arrested For Assaulting GOP Students in Florida

A little earlier this week, this video was making the rounds. College Republicans at Florida State University were manning a table on campus and they were confronted by a SJW with extraordinary shorts and prehensile eyebrows (at first I thought the eyebrows and glasses were part of a Groucho Marx costume). An argument ensued over whether Nazis were Socialists (Spoiler Alert: they were, its actually in the name of the party), the woman and her eyebrows became incensed and the three of them threw milk on one of the College Republicans:

Now we have an identification of this woman:

A warrant was issued for Shelby Shoup, 19, by the Florida State University Police Department on Thursday. Later that day, Shoup turned herself in, was placed into handcuffs and taken to the Leon County Jail.

Shoup was taken to the Leon County Jail, where she spent the night and was released Friday. She is due back in court on November 28 for a case management hearing.

The interesting thing is that Shoup is a volunteer on Andrew Gillum’s campaign.

A LinkedIn profile associated with Shoup shows that she’s a current volunteer for Gillum, currently Mayor of Tallahassee.

The profile states Shoup has worked on the campaign for nearly two years, conducting “extensive donor research for Tallahassee, Florida, and national supporters,” as well as helping coordinate fundraisers, receptions and formal events.

No word if her eyebrows were still being held or if they were released with her.

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