Undercover Video Reveals Democrat Andrew Gillum's Campaign Strategy and the Racism That Fuels It

screengrab from https://youtu.be/TMFtXXBeNUA


James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has provided us with a cornucopia of Democrat campaign staffers being caught committing the worst possible crime a Democrat on the campaign trail can commit: telling the truth.

Some of his targets didn’t react all that well. Bredesen fired a couple of people and was forced into responding to the undercover video in an interview. The best is from McCaskill.


Unsurprisingly, the journalistic mafia which grew fat and lazy during the Obama years is upset that O’Keefe is at work. This gem is from the deputy Washington editor of the New York Times:

(which drew this response)


Now O’Keefe has struck again. His target: unindicted felon and full-time grifter Andrew Gillum who is running for governor of Florida.

As O’Keefe tweets, there is no surprise here:

This, of course, is just going to be another data point in demonstrating how the media are in the pocket of and, for all intents and purposes, providing in-kind donations to the Democrat party. Yesterday, I posted on Joe Donnelly’s bizarre debate performance that would have demolished any Republican’s campaign in two sentences.

Given the irrational and contrived furor directed at Ron DeSantis for using the phrase “monkey this up,” can you imagine if a campaign staffer and college friend used a pejorative name for any racial or ethnic group other than Southern whites? DeSantis would have been out of the race last night. My prediction is that this gets precious little play outside of conservative media because it reveals Gillum as the poseur he is and it reveals the racism present in his campaign. And no one in the media wants to be blamed for Gillum losing the race because they committed journalism.

Complete Gillum campaign video:

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