Trump Hitting All Time Approval Rating on Newest NBC/WSJ Poll Calls "Blue Wave" Into Question

NBC and the Wall Street Journal have released a new poll that hints that this mid-term election is more likely to follow the template of past mid-terms where the president’s party loses some seats than it is a wave election like 1994, 2006, 2010, or 2014. These are the takeaways from the polls.


Voter enthusiasm is up in every demographic.



The difference between GOP and Democrat enthusiasm is statistical noise.

Issues favor the GOP.

Forty-three percent of registered voters say the GOP better handles the economy, while 28 percent pick the Democrats; the GOP held a 14-point edge on this question in August.

Republicans also hold the advantage on trade (R+17), handling the Supreme Court nomination process (R+3) and changing how Washington works (R+1).

Democrats, meanwhile, have the advantage on looking out for women’s interests (D+29), health care (D+18), looking out for the middle class (D+8) and immigration (D+4).

Asked which one or two issues would be the most important factor in deciding their vote, 38 percent said the economy and jobs; 31 percent said health care, 23 percent said changing how things work; and 22 percent each said looking out for the middle class and immigration.

I would argue that the GOP leads on issues people vote on–like the economy. And two of the issues that people report as important to their vote, health care and immigration, are nebulous. In other words, immigration is important in my vote but not in a pro-Democrat kind of way.


Trump approval hits all-time high.



Trump’s job rating among registered voters stands at 47 percent approve, 49 percent disapprove — up from 44 percent approve, 52 percent disapprove a month ago.

That’s his highest rating as president in the NBC/WSJ poll.

If the Democrats are trying to make this election a referendum on Trump, that might not be a strong selling point

Lots of interesting stuff in the crosstabs. Despite NBC headlining the story NBC/WSJ Poll: Democrats hold 9-point advantage for midterm elections the findings are a lot less cheerful for the Democrats


If the battleground polling quoted by Tom Bevan is correct, the D+9 generic ballot is more of an indication of the vote in areas that are already dark Blue rather than a leading indicator of how the House races will turn out.

On the whole, this is an excellent poll for the GOP less than three weeks from the midterms.

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