Ohio Democrats Must Choose Between Believing Women or Electing Sherrod Brown and We All Know How That Works

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, speaks during a debate at the Idea Center in Playhouse Square, Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Phil Long, Pool)

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, demonstrates the finger technique he uses during sexual assaults to a stunned audience. (AP Photo/Phil Long, Pool)


GOP Representative Jim Renacci is trailing Democrat Sherrod Brown in Ohio’s Senate race. But things are happening right now that could change Renacci’s fortunes. Sherrod Brown has been credibly accused of sexual predation.


And this woman may not be the only one:

Republican Rep. Jim Renacci stepped up his abuse allegations against his Democratic opponent, Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Renacci on Wednesday told the Cincinnati Enquirer’s editorial board “multiple women” have contacted him and alleged his Democratic opponent, Sen. Sherrod Brown, assaulted them.

The claim comes less than three weeks before Election Day in a race in which Renacci trails by double digits, according to a number of recent polls.

Renacci didn’t provide any proof or specifics. He said he referred the women to an attorney specializing in domestic abuse. He wouldn’t name the attorney or the women and wouldn’t say how many women have approached him.

“I’ve had multiple women contact me and say, ‘I was assaulted by Sherrod Brown,'” Renacci said.

Brown’s campaign is going bonkers:

Brown is obviously guilty. No woman would ever make such an allegation if it weren’t true and Brown’s denial is simply proof of his guilt and it shows what kind of a grotesque individual he is for not owning his behavior and disrespecting the truth of this woman. What is telling is that Brown hasn’t demanded an FBI investigation or offered to take a polygraph, which is what any innocent man would do. The fact that he is continuing to campaign is just adding insult to the injury this woman has suffered and simply seeing his ugly mug on television every day and the thought of his rapey ass being re-elected to the Senate is undoubtedly damaging her.


And when they get done explaining his history as a sexual predator then they can start to work on explaining this:

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