Trump's White House Artwork Is the Latest Media Outrage

Screen grab of "Republican Club" from by way of

Screen grab of “Republican Club” from by way of

You have to read Brad Slager’s post to truly appreciate what comes next.

During Donald Trump’s 60 Minutes interview, the internet noticed a picture one the wall.

What is the offensive piece of art?

I have pretty conservative tastes in art and while this isn’t a black velvet Elvis or Dogs Playing Poker it is never going to find its way into my office or home. But different people have different tastes…that, however, didn’t stop the Trump-hating part of the internet from losing its mind.


Over at The Guardian, they analyze each of the presidents for authenticity. If you like to laugh at people with tiny intellects, then this Hannah Jane Parkinson piece will not disappoint.

Apparently, the print made its way into the White House as a gift from Darrell Issa.

Fortunately, “The Republican Club” by Andy Thomas is not an obscure artwork. Thomas has sold countless prints of it online and through gift shops, as he has previous entries in his bipartisan series, such as “True Blues: Democratic Presidents Playing Poker” and “Callin’ the Blue: Republican Presidents Playing Pool.”

So The Washington Post tracked him down at his studio in Carthage, Mo., to ask the world’s burning questions.

THE POST: What is going on in this painting? Where even is this?

THOMAS: I put it in a private club type thing. Not a restaurant, not a bar, but a private club. It shows all of the Republican presidents, some of the more major ones in the foreground, but they’re all in there.

They’re kind of story-telling. Lincoln and Trump in particular are relating, and everybody else is reacting.

THE POST: How did it end up in the White House?

THOMAS: I once painted [California Republican congressman] Darrell Issa’s portrait. We got to go to Washington, and Darrell gave us a tour. He had both of my original paintings in his office, of the presidents playing poker. We stayed in touch. Darrell’s a real friendly guy. He contacted my wife, Dina, one day and said: ‘Gee, I saw you’ve got a new one. I’m going to show it to President Trump.”


This story is really a metaphor for 99% of the press coverage of Trump over the past two years. The media jump on something that they think ridicules Trump or that makes him look ridiculous. Most people look at the media rather strangely, shrug, and go on with their lives. The media can’t understand why Trump didn’t resign over their latest revelation.

One sure bet, Andy Thomas’s gallery website is going a land office business today.

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